Federal Eligibility For Surplus Property Management


Public Law 94-519 gives the administrator of the Federal General Services Administration power to establish a Federal Surplus Donation Program. This authority empowers the Administrator to transfer surplus personal property to an agency of state government so designated by State law.

The Arizona Department of Administration is the designated agency to distribute all federal surplus for the State of Arizona. This authority has been delegated to the Surplus Property Management Office.



The Surplus Property Program is tasked with the responsibility of locating, acquiring, and distributing Federal surplus personal property to what is commonly referred to as "donees" consisting of state and local government entities and eligible non-profit organizations.

Items normally available include office furniture, generators, vehicles, boats, power tools, food service equipment, construction materials, clothing, beds, medical equipment, paints and solvents, fire fighting equipment, heavy equipment, etc.

Property is acquired from various Federal Executive Agencies and military installations throughout the continental United States through "Want List" requests. Once an item has been located, one of our Property Screeners will "Freeze" (reserve) the property for you. We´ll even help you make transportation arrangements!


Who is eligible

Eligibility is limited to all state and local governments and eligible nonprofit organizations. For more information, please choose from one of the following areas:


  • State Agencies, Boards & Commissions
  • Local Government (Counties, Cities & Towns)
  • Local Government - Other (Special Districts, etc.)
  • Fire Departments
  • Boys & Girl Scouts
  • Public Health
  • Educational Activity
  • Provider of Assistance to the Homeless
  • Programs for Older Individuals
  • Museums
  • Sheltered Workshops
  • Day Care Providers
  • Provider of Assistance to the Impoverished
  • Service Educational Activity (SEA)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)


All organizations except political subdivisions must have a letter of determination from the Internal Revenue Service stating that the organization is nonprofit and tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the IRS tax code.

These are general requirements, call (602) 542-5701 for specific details.