The Arizona Department of Administration is statutorily required to administer the following grant programs.

The Surplus Property Management Office (SPMO) conducts certain items on sale via online auction.

The Arizona Department of Administration's public records requests service handles most requests pertaining to State of Arizona business. The agency does not handle public records for political entities and elected officials like the Arizona Legislature and the Arizona Governor's Office.

The Arizona Cooperative Program is a state service available to all Arizona political subdivisions including cities, counties, school districts, and special districts to participate in using state-awarded contracts to find specific suppliers, items, prices, and competitively bid contracts.

In order to do business with the State of Arizona, businesses are required to register an account on the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP).

This is a work order request for ADOA to create a state badge for a state employee. This service is only available to Arizona state employees.

Visual communications are increasingly needed in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our team can help you find a great way to quickly and easily convey information that includes a visual component and content strategy.

This is a request to pick up mail at a state agency. This is only for State of Arizona employees.

View publicly available information about current contracts with the State of Arizona through the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP).

Requests for the special use of state-owned property such as marches, rallies, demonstrations, or other activities.