School Facilities Division (SFD) Funding Renovates Mohawk Valley Elementary

August 23, 2023

The Mohawk Valley Elementary School in Roll, Arizona recently held a ribbon cutting event celebrating the newly renovated campus in which more than $10.5 million dollars in building renewal grants through the School Facilities Oversight Board funded the majority of the renovations, including a new water treatment system, new remodeled kitchen and cafeteria, upgraded lighting, new bathrooms, renovated classrooms, a new HVAC system in the gym, and new roofing, among other updates. In addition to the BRG funds, the district passed a $1.5M bond and received other grant funds from ESSER and e-Rate that were used to fund the renovations. 

During the demolition for the project, some interesting items were discovered including a wall safe and a hatch opening up to a long-forgotten underground kitchen room, probably installed in the days before swamp cooling and air-conditioning. Additionally, a copy of the original architectural drawings fell out of the old brick wall, signed almost a century ago by the architect who founded DLR Architecture, the design firm who also worked on the renovation.

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