School Facilities Oversight Board Announces New Board Member

August 16, 2023

On Monday, August 14th, 2023, Troy Hoberg was appointed by Governor Hobbs as the newest member to serve on the Arizona School Facilities Oversight Board. He was selected to fill the statutorily required position as a construction company owner or representative with extensive experience in large commercial construction projects. In 2021 the School Facilities Division and School Facilities Oversight Board (SFOB) were statutorily established within the Arizona Department of Administration. The SFOB provides direction to the Division for activities involving new school facilities and reduction of square footage.

Troy brings 31-years of construction industry experience, with a focus on establishing new markets, executing project development and performance and managing client and joint venture relationships. He specializes in developing strategic alliances and establishing best business practices with the firm’s regional offices. In his leadership role, Troy coordinates Master Design-Build teams, provides guidance, expertise, and support related to refining objectives, managing client relationships and overseeing the team of project development directors. Troy has been involved in over $6 billion of entertainment and sports venues across the Valley.

Mr. Hoberg will serve a four year term, and his first meeting will be August 16, 2023. We welcome him to this position and look forward to completing our mission to create and improve learning spaces for Arizona’s future with his help.