Shipping Container Auction Closes With $19,603 In Winning Bids

October 31, 2023

PHOENIX (Oct. 31, 2023) - The first round of shipping containers available through public auction has closed after two weeks of bidding. The two individual 40 foot containers were sold for $4,151 and $4,101. The set of three 40 foot containers was sold for $11,351. A total of 30 bidders participated in the auction, with a total of 55 bids. 

The state started auctioning shipping containers to the public through the State’s online auction platform on Oct. 16. The next auction will open at 5pm October 31 and close Nov. 14 at 7pm. 

Each auction includes photos of the container(s) and each bidding period will be open for 14 days, with additional containers posted every two weeks. The winning bidder will have five days to finalize payment and schedule pickup, which must be completed within 15 business days of purchase. Transportation of the containers is the responsibility of the buyer and is not included in the bid price. 

Bidders must create a free account in order to participate. Accounts will be activated seven calendar days after creation, at which time bidders can start bidding on any state auction. 

Shipping containers are still available to registered governments and eligible nonprofit organizations for direct purchase. Registration paperwork can be found on the website. 

State Surplus is required to dispose of surplus materials to the public pursuant to ARS § 41-2602. 

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