State of Arizona Leaders Connect Program Commences

image of inaugural SALC cohort
July 22, 2022

PHOENIX (July 20, 2022) - The State of Arizona is deepening its bench of qualified leaders able to transition to executive roles through a new leadership development program called State of Arizona Leaders Connect (SALC). 

The goal of the program is to instill the leadership quality and values of Arizona to state employees who are recognized leaders at their respective agencies. Through robust discussions with seasoned state leaders, participants gain a deeper understanding of the State as a complex public enterprise and what it means to be a leader in state government, greater awareness of the long-term trends impacting Arizona, closer working relationships with peers, and special opportunities for mentorship and networking. 

“Not having an enterprise-wide focused leadership program has limited the state's ability to transition new leaders who already have many leadership skills to effectively lead at the statewide level,” said Sarah Rose Webber, Chief Operating Officer at the Governor’s Office. “We hope to bridge that gap through the SALC program. This program will create a network of leaders who have a state-wide perspective on the issues facing Arizona and the leadership skills to solve them”. 

To serve as an executive leader within state government requires exceptional customer service, stewardship, problem-solving, stakeholder management, organizational leadership, responsiveness, innovation and drive to deliver results. 

The first cohort of 25 employees represented 21 different state agencies and came together for a series of short and inspirational master classes, which emphasized effective public sector leadership, ethical stewardship, and collaborative problem-solving. The next cohort will take place in October. 

“This leadership cohort was an excellent experience,” said Art Smith, Business & Finance Administrator at the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. “It was valuable in terms of getting the opportunity to connect with other leaders throughout the state and to connect with leaders in positions that we may aspire to statewide. It was great to not only get an idea of their thought process and situations, but also just their general philosophy on leadership and how a young leader can further develop in the future. I really appreciated the opportunity.”