Building Renewal Grant: Assessment Phase Grant

This Phase Grant is specifically intended for securing funds to complete a professional Assessment in order for a school district to determine if an actual BRG deficiency exists. 

Note: This Phase Grant does not include funding for costs associated with Design, Procurement Services, Construction Lite or Construction services; districts should apply separately for these Phase Grants if funds are needed or consult with their SFD Liaison for additional technical guidance. 


When To Apply:

When a building system is showing signs of needed repairs or replacement; the professional assessment is used to determine the appropriate scope of work.  


  • To qualify an Arizona School District must meet Title 41, Chapter 56
  • Ability to provide the following: 
    • a proposal/quote for the completion of the professional assessment service
    • verification that the assessment will be conducted on a building that generates capacity for the school district

Next Steps: Design Scope Development

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