Building Renewal Grant: Construction Phase Grant

This Phase Grant is intended to provide funding to secure services for the completion of a Construction project in order to correct an identified MAG deficiency.

This Phase Grant does not include funding for costs associated with Assessment, Design, Procurement Services, or Construction Lite; districts should apply separately for these types of BRG Phase Grants if funds are needed or consult with their SFD Liaison for additional technical guidance. 

When To Apply:

After an assessment has been completed and a scope of work has been determined through the Scope Development process, a design has been prepared, the design has been approved by SFD staff, procurement has been completed, and Construction services are now needed.  



  • To qualify an Arizona School District must meet Title 41, Chapter 56
  • Ability to provide the following: 
    • procurement documentation for IFB or RFQ for completion of the construction services 
    • documentation of a previously completed design and all applicable construction documents listed below; 
  • Ability to upload the following construction documents:
    • A. Invitation For Bid solicitation (includes Bid documents listed below)
    • B. Bid documents:
      • 1.) IFB or RFQ Scope of Work (narrative)
      • 2.) Specifications
      • 3.) Drawings
      • 4.) Project schedule
    • C. Hazardous Containing Materials:
      • 1.) HCM survey results 
      • 2.) HCM abatement (if applicable)
    • D. Proof of advertisement
    • E. Pre-bid sign in sheet for site walk-through
    • F. Amendments/Addendums (if applicable)
    • G. Bid Opening:
      • 1.) Bid tabulation (Bid Tab)
      • 2.) Lowest qualified responsible and responsive bid
      • 3.) Letter of Recommendation for award
    • H. Professional services quotes to complete the project:
      • 1.) Construction Administration
      • 2.) 3rd party Quality Assurance\Quality Control (Roofing and Weatherization only)
      • 3.) Commissioning (Applied HVAC Systems only)
      • 4.) 3rd Party Remediation Oversight (as required if HCM abatement professional services are needed)
      • 5.) Other related quotes and documents
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