Building Renewal Grant: Design Phase Grant

This Phase Grant is specifically intended for the Design services portion of a BRG Project in order for a school district to secure funds for professional services (architectural, structural engineering, hazardous materials testing, etc.).

Review the SFD Design Fee Guidelines for additional information.

This Phase Grant does not include funding for costs associated with Assessment, Procurement Services, Construction Lite or Construction services such as Construction Administration; districts should apply separately for these types of BRG Phase Grants if funds are needed or consult with their SFD Liaison for additional technical guidance. 


When To Apply:

After an assessment has been completed and a scope of work has been determined through the Scope Development process, and professional design services are now needed. 



  • To qualify an Arizona School District must meet Title 41, Chapter 56
  • Ability to provide the following: 
    • a proposal/quote for professional design services, including, but not limited  to, all “Basic Services”,  bidding assistance, and HCM testing


Next Steps:

After the Assessment Phase Grant is completed (if applicable) and after the Design Phase Grant is completed (if applicable), the District determines the procurement method to be used. If procurement assistance is needed, the Procurement Phase Grant will be released to the District and the District will be prompted to submit a Procurement Phase Grant application.

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