Full Service Lease Template

All new and renewal leases must conform to ADOA’s approved boilerplate lease form.

ADOA will provide notification to State Agencies in the event its boilerplate lease form is revised to reflect new and/or updated lease clauses and added or deleted statutory requirements, etc. Agencies renewing a lease previously made and executed using an outdated lease form must renew the lease utilizing the most current version of the lease document. Lease form exceptions must be reviewed and approved by ADOA in advance of finalizing lease negotiations.

The Lease Cost Review Board (LCRB) forecasts two-fiscal years of an estimated average square foot dollar cost for leasing privately owned office space. Any proposed lease rate (including base rent, occupancy taxes, real estate taxes, janitorial services, utilities, and parking) that exceeds the LCRB established lease rate must include a written justification for the proposed lease rate. Factors for the justification include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The availability of suitable space in the vicinity of the State Agency's geographical requirements. Please include the actual market area considered.
  2. Include the competing lease rate quotes for comparable and suitable private lease space.
  3. Identify any special requirement or program-specific needs for premium space, such as retail mall space.
  4. Identify special needs that are not normally covered in a full-service lease rate.

Unless approved in advance, ADOA will not approve leases for a term greater than five years and will consider only minimal lease rate increases over the term.

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