Private Sector Leasing Procedure

Any agency requiring assistance in locating private lease space, negotiating a new or renewal lease, renegotiation of existing lease terms, or other lease-related inquiries, should contact the Contracted Broker at least 180 days prior to the desired commencement of the lease.

An agency must complete the Quickbase Lease Management electronic form.


The agency must complete all sections of the form to provide the total known or estimated operating costs associated with the lease. Examples of operating costs include lease occupancy taxes, janitorial services, and utilities.

An ADOA form lease is signed in this order:

  1. Lessor
  2. State Agency Lessee
  3. ADOA

If ADOA has approved a lease form deviation, the signature order may change. Please call ADOA prior to routing for signatures.

Lease payments are initiated by warrant at the end of each month (“in arrears”). See General Accounting Office(GAO) Technical Bulletin 99-2. ADOA will not approve lease terms that require months or years of lease costs paid in advance.

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