State Contracted Tenant Broker

ADOA requires agencies to utilize the services of its real estate tenant broker (Contracted Broker) when initiating a new lease and when renewing, amending (except for administrative amendments), and/or re-casting (renegotiating) an existing lease. The contract prohibits entering into an oral or written contract for private sector lease representation with any other real estate broker.



The Contracted Broker represents agencies in all manner of operating lease negotiations, including but not limited to:

  • Analyzing and defining State Agency space requirements;

  • Identifying appropriate space to meet the space requirements of State Agencies;

  • Researching and providing market and supporting data for current or future space needs;

  • Renegotiating, renewing, amending, and recasting existing leases;

  • Presenting and touring potential spaces to State Agencies for site selection;

  • Soliciting leasing proposals from potential landlords;

  • Initiating and presenting lease proposals and lease counter-proposals to potential landlords;

  • Providing financial analysis for comparison of space options;

  • Negotiating the most favorable lease terms for the State Agency;

  • Assisting with tenant improvement construction management

  • Providing space planning assistance;

  • Preparing lease documents;

  • Preparing non-binding letters of intent (LOI);

  • Assisting in strategic planning; and

  • Providing any other service or information necessary to facilitate leasing for existing and new
    space requirements.

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