Tenant Improvement Budgetary Cost Estimates


  • Electrical disconnect for modular furniture – $300‐$400 (estimated cost)
  • Install new duplex receptacle – $350‐$450 (estimated cost)


  • Install new badge reader (Assuming Capacity on Panel) – $2,500‐$3,000 (estimated cost)
  • Install new door hardware (Schlage ND Series) – $250‐$350 (estimated cost)


  • Install new door ‐ Standard 3'x7' Birch Solid Core (Standard Timely Frame) – $850 ‐ $950 (estimated cost)
  • Build out a standard 10'x10' Office – $10,000 ‐ $12,000 (estimated cost)
  • Paint walls (Non‐Color, 1 Coat Primer, 2 Coats Paint, Cost Lowers Based on Volume) – $1.20 ‐ 2.80/sq.ft. (estimated cost)


  • Install new carpet (Carpet Tiles, Mid‐Range) – $3.50 ‐ $4.50/sq.ft. (estimated cost)
  • Install new VCT – $1.50‐$2.50/sq.ft. (estimated cost)
  • Install new ceramic tile – $8.50‐$9.50 (estimated cost)

The estimates presented on this page are based on historical costs and do not include unforeseen conditions, project
management, oversight, or the potential for any asbestos abatement. These numbers are for budgetary purposes
only. If you would like to receive actual construction costs for a specific project, please submit a Tenant Improvement
Request through the work order system.

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