Checklist For Requesting & Reviewing Certificates Of Insurance

This checklist is also provided to state agencies upon request or during training.


  • Ensure that the initiating RFP contains Insurance Modules appropriate to the agreement.
  • A blank State of Arizona Certificate of Insurance can be included in contract documents for use by the contractor’s agent or broker. The ACORD form is also acceptable.
  • Obtain a completed Certificate of Insurance prior to contract commencement.
  • Review the Certificate of Insurance to assure its compliance with the contract. The following items should be reviewed:
    • A. Agent’s name and address
    • B. Insured’s (contractor’s) name and address
    • C. Insurance company name and A.M. Best rating
    • D. All required insurance coverage
    • E. Policy number
    • F. Policy period is current (effective/expiration dates)
    • G. Limits of liability
    • H. State and state agency named as additional insureds
    • I. 60-day notice of cancellation is included
    • J. Coverage afforded is primary
    • K. The contracting state agency names as certificate holder, not the Risk Management Division
    • L. Certificate is signed
    • M. Unusual exclusions or limitations of coverage are indicated
    • N. The contract number or description of the activity or service is indicated and
  • Monitor the expiration dates of the required coverage. It is possible that a contractor’s policy may expire prior to the end of the contract. Expiration dates should be diaried at least 60 days prior and the contractor should be requested to provide a renewal Certificate of Insurance.
  • All certificates, whether they have expired or not should be kept by the agency as part of the permanent contract file.
  • Coverage afforded under these policies will not be canceled, terminated, or materially altered until 60 days prior written notice has been given to (state agency).
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