Construction Oversight Form - Exhibit F


 View the Construction Oversight Form for Design Change Notice. The Design Change Notice is a type of Change Order under the Contract.

Construction Oversight Form - Exhibit K


View the Construction Oversight Form for the Substantial Completion Certificate. "Substantial Completion” means the date determined and certified by the Design Professional’s and/or Agency Designated Representative’s signature, when the Work, or a designated portion thereof, is sufficiently complete in accordance with the Contract, so as to be operational, fit for the use intended, and so the Agency may occupy the Work.

Construction Oversight Form - Exhibit L


View the Construction Oversight Form for the Final Completion Certificate. “Final Completion” means the date upon which the Work is complete in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract, including punch list items. The date of Final Completion shall be set by the Agency as a certain number of days after Substantial Completion. Any additional or supplemental Work after this date due to Construction Contractor error or omission shall be completed by the Construction
Contractor without additional compensation.

Full Service Lease Template

View the ADOA boilerplate lease template document to achieve consistency in the format of state lease contracts. All lease documents must conform to the legal requirements established by the Arizona Attorney General's Office (AGO).

Governmental Mall Master Plan

Strategic Plan

The Arizona Governmental Mall Master Plan supports and guides growth in the public sector and investment from the private sector with the vision of maintaining the iconic stature of the Mall while managing new development. This report is last updated in February 2020. 

Grant Notice - Fire Incident Management System

View the notice announcing the availability of funds to provide grants to municipal fire departments and fire districts for hardware and software for municipal fire departments and fire districts.