SALC inspires agency leaders to higher levels of professional growth and interagency collaboration making state government more inclusive, effective, and accessible to the people it serves.

SALC develops state agency leaders to be collaborative and hold one another accountable to improve the lives of the people of Arizona.


2024 Selection Process & Timeline


We are asking that each agency leader nominate individuals who they feel will benefit from this immersive and interactive program, add substantive value to peer discussion, can commit to full engagement and attendance throughout the program, and are individuals who:

  • Currently manage people, teams, or are strategic individual contributors who play key roles in an agency’s executive team; AND
  • Hold leadership positions up to 4 levels below the agency leader (e.g., DD, ADs, ADDs, Section Manager); AND
  • Have at least 2 years with the State and are committed to continuing their leadership career in state government


Nominations Process

  • March 18: Receive nomination form, target profile, and program descriptions. 
  • April 5: Submit nominations. We will verify the eligibility of all nominees by April 12.

Nominee Outreach

  • April 15: Nominees will be contacted and encouraged to apply. 
  • May 3: Applications are due. 

Participant Selection

  • May 20: Committee (composed of past SALC members) will begin to review applicants. 
  • June 28: Committee meets to select qualified participants.
  • July 12: If accepted, participants will receive the assigned event date in their decision letter. 


The State of Arizona is excited to offer the State of Arizona Leaders Connect (SALC) program for individuals looking to strengthen and expand their skills within state government.

The program equips state agency leaders for the challenges of tomorrow through a series of short and inspirational master classes emphasizing effective public sector leadership, ethical stewardship, and collaborative problem-solving. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the State as a complex public enterprise, greater awareness of the long-term trends impacting Arizona, closer working relationships with peers, and special opportunities for mentorship and networking.







SALC Program Highlights:


  • Access a series of short and inspirational master classes emphasizing effective public sector leadership, collective impact and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the future of state government and a greater awareness of the policies impacting Arizonans. 
  • Build authentic working relationships with peers through mentorship, peer learning, and networking by committing to and fully participating in the SALC Program as defined.
  • Foster a culture of collaborative problem-solving and learning through Communities of Practice (CoPs), and learning pods.



Universal Competencies:

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Reflection
  • Forward Thinking 
  • Courage
  • Compassion 

Core Competencies:

Lead Self:

  • Growth mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Health and Wellbeing 
  • Reflection and Self-awareness

Core Competencies:

Lead Team:

  • Empower and develop others
  • Lead with courage and compassion
  • Curiosity and humble inquiry 

Core Competencies:

Lead Agency:

  • Change Management and Communicating Change
  • Culture Change 
  • Collaborative problem solving/decision making
  • Forward Thinking


Questions About The Program?


Yasmin Ramos
[email protected]



“This program has really been an eye opening experience of how diverse we are as a state and across our state agencies, yet how similar we are in some of the challenges that we face. This process has provided an in-depth look at the different levels and structures we work within as well as new opportunities to collaborate, which has been fantastic! SALC gives us a group of peers where we can share that human moment where we're like, 'Oh, my gosh, I can't believe what we're facing' but then immediately pivot and engage really smart people to share ideas and solve problems. I highly recommend this program for leaders who are looking to gain new perspective and make connections across the state with indiviuals who are passionate and committed to serving Arizonans in so many different capacities.”

Jakenna Lebsock – AHCCCS

“It was a wonderful experience. I think it was a great opportunity to come together with other leaders from around the state. Different agencies, see different perspectives, see what people are going through, recognizing that we have a lot of the same things that we deal with on a daily basis. But the opportunity to connect and bounce ideas off each other and make improvements that maybe we wouldn't have done on our own. So it was an excellent opportunity.”

Howard Wykes – ADJC


“So, it was just an amazing conference. We got to meet a whole bunch of leaders who came from many different walks of life. However, they all have identified several key qualities of leadership and what makes a good leaders. And that was striking; it almost seemed coordinated because everybody was saying the same thing despite having vastly different carreer paths. These leaders also provided us with many amazing stories and a lot of different ways of thinking outside the box. We made valuable connections with the people here, and I'm already putting that to work. It was really an incredible opportunity."

Lisa Querard – ADOR


“Super excited to be nominated by Director Simplot to participate in the leadership program, and I have always been enamored with moving up through my agency at housing. And this just fueled that fire to want to learn more about the civic side of the state and then also the interaction with the directors and their perspective of tools and attributes that are consistent with leadership in Arizona were such key takeaways, and I'm super excited to take that back to housing and see how I can level up at the agency and hopefully move up into a director position in the near future.”

Ruby Dhillon-Williams – ADOH 

“I thought that it was an excellent experience. It was valuable in terms of getting the opportunity to connect with other leaders throughout the state and to connect with leaders in positions that we may aspire to statewide. It was great to not only get an idea of their thought process and situations, but also just their general philosophy on leadership and how a young leader can further develop in the future. I really appreciated the opportunity.”

Art Smith – ADJC