Full Service Lease Template

View the ADOA boilerplate lease template document to achieve consistency in the format of state lease contracts. All lease documents must conform to the legal requirements established by the Arizona Attorney General's Office (AGO).

Governmental Mall Master Plan

Strategic Plan

The Arizona Governmental Mall Master Plan supports and guides growth in the public sector and investment from the private sector with the vision of maintaining the iconic stature of the Mall while managing new development. This report is last updated in February 2020. 

Grant Opportunities

The Arizona Department of Administration is statutorily required to administer the grants on this page.

Grant Resources

View resources that contains helpful guides and information when applying for grants in the Arizona Department of Administration.

Grant Waiver Request Form

This form is for agencies seeking grant solicitation or grant award exemptions under ARS 41-2703.

Insurance Checklist


View a checklist for insurance requirements needed for a special event on state property.

Job-Order-Contracting Adjustment Factors


For more information on utilizing the States Job Order Contracting (JOC) program please contact GSD Procurement for details.

Updated 11/30/22

Lost Badge

Need to report a lost/stolen/missing access ID badge? Call us at (602) 542-4502 or email [email protected] to contact the Badging Office.

Mailroom Helpful Tips

View the mailing guidelines for sending items through the postal service from the ADOA Mailroom team.

New School Facilities – Schedule of Required Documents for Project Review


The SFB requires review of SFB-funded New School Facilities at the Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents phases of design. Please provide the required documents according to the schedule.


2nd Meeting – Schematic Design


This is due one week before the meeting – Half Size 12" x 18"
To accommodate large file sizes, please request access to the SFB shared drive to submit documents for review. Please contact SFB staff to request access.



Programming Concepts - Verified with the district for approval &