New School Facilities – Schedule of Required Documents for Project Review


The SFB requires review of SFB-funded New School Facilities at the Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents phases of design. Please provide the required documents according to the schedule.


2nd Meeting – Schematic Design


This is due one week before the meeting – Half Size 12" x 18"
To accommodate large file sizes, please request access to the SFB shared drive to submit documents for review. Please contact SFB staff to request access.



Programming Concepts - Verified with the district for approval &

Open Solicitations For Bids


View open requests for bids on contracts that are expiring or new goods and services are needed for the State of Arizona. Solicitations that are close to expiration or new solicitations that are going out for bid for the first time are listed in APP. 

Panic Alarm Installation


View the procedure for the assessment, installation, and maintenance of panic/notification alarms in ADOA-owned and managed buildings on the Capitol Mall and in Tucson.

Plan Review Fees


View the current plan review fees. 55% of the permit fee per assigned project is using the August 2015 ICC Building Valuation Data Table.  

Private Sector Leasing Procedure

Any agency requiring assistance in locating private lease space, negotiating a new or renewal lease, renegotiation of existing lease terms, or other lease-related inquiries, should contact the Contracted Broker at least 180 days prior to the desired commencement of the lease.

Professional Service Vendors For General Services

View the current master list of state vendors that are qualified to provide architect, assayer, engineer, geologist, landscape architect, and land surveying services between $50K and $IM.

Professional Services Selection Process


View general guidelines for state agencies for selecting professional service vendors for projects through the General Services Division.

Public Service Orientation

As a member of a committee, board, or commission, you will provide a valuable service to the State of Arizona and its residents. As an appointed public servant, you will have to fulfill certain obligations. Find out how to complete your public service orientation with the State of Arizona.

Refrigerants and CFC Bearing Devices Standard


Please remember that items that contain refrigerants such as air conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, computer room HVAC units, or any other device that contains refrigerant require special handling to be turned into Surplus Property.

A link to the Surplus Property Policy covering ODS is provided in this memo for your convenience.



As you are aware, Federal regulations (40 CFR Part 82 Subpart F) prohibit the disposal of non-working refrigerant-bearing devices that an authorized entity has not evacuated prior to their disposal. In compliance with

Retiree Benefits Resources


Find information regarding the benefits you have through the Arizona Department of Administration as a retiree of the State of Arizona.

School District Map

View a map of Rural and Urban school districts in Arizona.

School Facilities Division Training

View available training and resources available to school facilities stakeholders. These resources are provided by the Arizona Department of Administration School Facilities Division.

School Finance Transparency

Financial Report

The State of Arizona created the School Finance Transparency Portal to provide dynamic, 360-degree views of education dollars flowing through, or spent by Arizona's K-12 education system, making more detailed information available to more people, more quickly, and in more useful ways.